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  • Never Miss a Feeding
  • Works in Any Shape Bunks
  • New Design
  • Units All Self Contained
  • 26” Diameter Fan
  • Most Powerful Bunk Cleaner on the Market
  • Fan Speed 3200 RPMS (speed creates MPH)
  • Fly Spraying Attachment Available

Galvanized Utility Trailers, Custom Trailers, Repairs and parts on most Trailers, Truck Flat Beds, and Custom Manufacturing

For over 31 years S & W Welding has been servicing customer's needs in and around NE Nebraska. We also supply the United States and the International Cattle Industry with The Blow Hard Feed Bunk Cleaner, a revolutionary idea of how to clean feed bunks.

Affordable products and services

Galvanized Trailers

Get a wide range of light to medium duty trailers.

Blow Hard Feed Bunk Cleaner

We're the first and only supplier of Blow Hard Bunk Cleaner.


Reliable replacement flatbeds for trucks and pickups.

Custom Trailers

Customize your trailer to suit your style.


Bunk Blowers

Don't go anywhere else when you need bunk blowers.

Repair Services

Get maximum performance from your vehicle.

Regular Maintenance

Ensure your trailers last longer with our services

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